Got Stress? Experiencing Anxiety? Why Therapeutic Massage Helps

Does massage help in reducing stress and anxiety?
The answer – which everyone pretty much knows – is most definitely yes!

So WHY is massage a great treatment for stress?

All stress – emotional or physical, shows up in the muscle structure of the body. It affects the body’s ability to self-heal from further stress and anxiety, and can impact the immune system. It’s no mistake that we often get sick when we go through periods of high stress and anxiety.

Therapeutic medical massage can release the built-up tension in the muscles, helping the body to begin its natural healing processes and boosting the immune system.

Stress and anxiety can also impact the endocrine system – throwing off the normal hormonal balance in the body, creating unusually varied and intense emotions, and impacting reproductive health. It’s all part of the body’s natural reaction to stress and anxiety.

Taking the time for body-nurturing therapy is critical to maintaining health and balance. Massage is an essential element of physical and psychological health maintenance – it is not only a great way to reduce stress hormone levels in the body, but can also treat related symptoms such as hormonal imbalance, physical pain, and insomnia.