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Relief from Allergies with Acupuncture

Mold levels. Ragweed and pollen count.

Fall allergies are the worst! This year it’s even truer – Mold levels have been extremely high for many weeks, ragweed and tree pollen have remained high as well. It seems like everyone is saying how bad their allergies are this season.

Acupuncture vs. Pills and Shots
Most of those complaining about allergies are on their way to get more meds – medications that leave them feeling hungover in the middle of the day, cramp productivity, and can make it difficult to function normally.

Acupuncture offers relief from allergy symptoms without the side effects of allergy pills and shots. On the first treatment, most allergy sufferers will see their stuffiness and discomfort subside. Completing an initial series of treatments fortifies the results. After that, treatment is generally as-needed with a boost a few times per year.

I have seen many patients who failed over-the-counter remedies, prescribed medications, and allergy shots respond to acupuncture. Patients can continue with whatever remedies they are currently using while getting acupuncture treatments. Most patients end up significantly reducing or eliminating dependence on allergy medication.

Recent Study
A study was done in Germany on Allergic Rhinitis Published by HealthCMI, 05 April 2018 confirms what has been widely known – German researchers confirm the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of allergies and sinus disorders. In an eight-week clinical trial, patients receiving acupuncture required fewer medications and had fewer seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms than control groups. Likewise, quality of life scores was significantly better in the acupuncture group than in either control group. Based on the evidence, the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin researchers conclude that “acupuncture treatment was more effective than the symptomatic drug intervention.”

This fall allergy season is much worse, and thanks to beautiful weather, much longer than normal. So if you feel like your allergies are worse this year – they probably are. Acupuncture can offer quick and long-term relief.

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