Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage & Massage Therapy

Looking for the best massage therapist in Arlington Heights and Chicago?

Well, you don’t need to look further because there couldn’t be a better place than one of the NatureMed Acupuncture clinics for a therapeutic massage. We have clinics in Arlington Heights and Chicago – both areas that are vibrant and pulsating with multiple businesses and entertainment zones. All it takes is a couple of hours away from what you are currently doing to feel better and invigorated.

Therapeutic massage

Chronic pain? Feeling sore? Got aches and pains? Feeling stiff? Stressed out? In need of a complete overhaul of your body? Popping a painkiller into your mouth is certainly not the answer but a professional therapeutic massage is!

A professional massage is not only of the most relaxing things on this planet but there are tons of health benefits too. Therapeutic massage can completely revitalize your body, alleviate pain and stress, reduce anxiety, relieve sports injuries, enhance blood flow, ease muscle tensions, improve sleep quality, and lot more. Having a regular therapeutic massage is the best way to remain healthy, fit, and energetic all the time.

Therapeutic massage for athletes

For athletes and weekend warriors, therapeutic massage helps improve athletic performance by preparing the body for the stress it’s about to endure and recover from the strain afterward.

At NatureMed Acupuncture, we have helped 100s of patients manage pain with our massage therapy services. Give us a call at (847) 736-4141 and let our skilled massage therapists provide you with a professional therapeutic massage to help you relax and get rid of your pain.


What Our Patients Say

“I went to Oleg for back pain and stress/anxiety relief. I was skeptical of Acupuncture first but now i am a true believer. Oleg is very patient, knowledgeable and professional. I have tried many different therapies, excercices, without success. After several sessions I felt much better, my pain went down to a minimum and i felt energetic and healthy again. What i also liked is that Oleg has a background in massage therapy, so I was able to get best of both worlds during our therapy sessions. I have recommended Nature Med Acupuncture to all my family and friends.

Zhanna Kushniarova

“Oleg is amazing. I have had three sessions with him and the pain in my leg has subsided greatly. At my first visit Oleg was very thorough in his explanation of the acupuncture process and what I could expect. After the first session I had immediate improvement with the pain. The treatments have also helped tremendously with my anxiety. I am continuing acupuncture treatments not only for pain but also for the overall benefits. I highly recommend Oleg.

Wendy Swenson

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